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How to say our name?

Medical Device Integration Company Aixelink

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Creating a unique brand name can be challenging but pronouncing it need not be!

We are Aixelink:

  • Aixel – /ˈæksl/, just like Axle (central shaft of a wheel);
  • Link – /lɪŋk/, say it as it is, as in a connection between two or more things.

Our brand says a lot about our products and our value to customers:

  • Products: We link and integrate hospital medical devices.  Our specialty hardware unlocks the power of real-time bed-side clinical data.  Our powerful yet lean platform connects clinical data regardless of brand, model and source. Our clinical solutions make these data hyper-relevant for clinicians within and outside of the hospitals.  Comprehensive dataset is the foundation of all analytics and we enable hospitals to make the most of all its data.
  • Value to customers: We deliver excellence by combining electronics, clinical and software expertise to help healthcare professionals simplify the complexity of delivering care.

We feel that our brand name encapsulates what we offer and who we are, and our logo is pretty cool too for a serious, modern clinical products company.

Aixelink was founded in 2021 and is based in Switzerland.  We design and manufacture our products principally in Switzerland and also in New Zealand.  Both countries are known for its innovation, quality and excellence.  Aixelink is part of the Precept Health Group which has a long track record in the healthcare technology domain.